Explore Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan: The Best Vacation Tours for You!


Colors of Kyrgyzstan

This week-long trip ensures travelers a wide variety of experiences during their stay in Kyrgyzstan. Start out by visiting the country’s most popular national park and continue on to see ancient Silk Road monuments, magnificent alpine lakes, and numerous passes. Visit cities, villages, and wildern ...

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Skiing & Traveling in Kyrgyzstan

Ski in one of the best ski resorts in the world!  Stay in a hotel that’s just a few meters away from a ski lift.  Here you’ll find slopes for children, beginners, and expert skiers alike. Also on this trip, visit Ala Archa National Park and some hot springs whose waters register at +36 C even ...


Lake Issyk Kul: Southern Shore

The beautiful scenic views around Lake Issyk Kul’s southern shore are beyond compare. On this trip you’ll visit the Jeti Oguz Gorge which is famous for its spectacular red rock formations and spruce forests.  The beauty of Jeti Oguz Gorge is so well-known that pictures of the gorge were printed ...

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A Taste of Everything in 12 Days

This trip has everything needed for a true off-road adventure!  Enjoy Kyrgyzstan’s pristine natural beauty by visiting alpine lakes (Lake Song Kul and Lake Sary Chelek), the huge walnut forests of Arslanbob, the Jeti Oguz Gorge and its vibrant red rock formations, and historic Silk Road monuments ...


Sightseeing in Kyrgyzstan

Explore destinations of unparalleled beauty in this tour that’ll take you from Kyrgyzstan’s Chichkan Gorge in the south to the town of Kemin in the north.  During this tour you’ll see the world’s largest naturally growing walnut forests, a Silk Road monument and caravanserai, a spectacular ...


Lake Song Kul & Kel Suu

Visit 2 of Kyrgyzstan’s most mesmerizing lakes in one trip!  Lake Song Kul is a quiet, peaceful lake located at the top of a pristine mountain pass where nomadic families herd their animals in the summer.  Lake Kel Suu is located near the Chinese border and is remote, gorgeous, and mysterious.  ...

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Bokonbaevo, Karakol & Cholpon Ata

This trip gives you a glimpse of Kyrgyzstan’s stunning natural beauty, Kyrgyz history, and Kyrgyz culture all in one trip.  Visit colorful rock formations, canyons, gorges, waterfalls, and hot springs. Learn about Kyrgyz traditions and hunting techniques.  Also visit a Silk Road monument, museum ...


Exploring Kyrgyzstan's Alpine Lakes

This trip showcases some of Kyrgyzstan’s most gorgeous alpine lakes: Song Kul, Kel Suu, and Issyk Kul.  Lake Song Kul is a peaceful lake located at the top of a mountain pass whose pastures are used by nomadic herders in the summer.  Lake Kel Suu is an extremely remote lake located near the Chin ...


Special offer for Khan Tengri Peak expedition 2015

Undoubtedly, the crown jewel of the Tien Shan Mountains is the wonderful peak, Khan Tengri . Khan Tengri Peak, which is located in a northern, remote part of these beautiful mountains, is the second highest peak in Kyrgyzstan. The people of Kyrgyzstan call the Tien Shan "The Mountains of Hea ...


Asian Patagonia

Kyrgyzstan's natural beauty is stunning! Its mountain landscapes appear drastically different in each corner of the Republic.  SR1401 is now offering a new trekking program that follows the gorges of the Turkestan Mountain Range and takes you into the heart of the Pamir-Alai Mountain System right ...

14 days
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Trek In Terskei Ala Too

A Trekking tour in Terskei Ala Too mountain range is a wonderful combination of landscapes and romantics of adventures… It is impressions and emoitins that one remembers forever… Overnights in tents under the starlit sky, campfire after a long day, amazing beauty of the hidder coners and unusua ...


Trek to great Khan Tengri

The trek starts in At Jailoo gorge – an amazingly beautiful place on Inylchek river bank, one of your Camps overlooks stunning Nansen peak, and at the confluence of South and North Inylchek you can walk to see the famous Merzbacher Lake. In 2015 supplier SR1401 will set up permanent tent Camps all ...


Lenin Peak (7134 m), Guided expedition "Bishkek - ...

We offer you guaranteed departure date expedition to Lenin Peak with experienced mountaineering guide! Cost includes services of full package and additional services: experienced high altitude guide; installed high altitude tents on 5300 м and 6200 м (3 persons in tent!); group equipment: rope (if ...


Lenin Peak (7134 m), Guided expedition "Osh - Osh ...

We offer you guaranteed departure date expedition to Lenin Peak with experienced mountaineering guide! Cost includes services of full package and additional services: experienced high altitude guide; installed high altitude tents on 5300 м and 6200 м (3 persons in tent!); group equipment: rope (if ...


Skiing in Suusamyr

Kyrgyzstan is one of the unique places where you can combine impressive ski adventures and culture exploring. As a country where 94% of the territory is mountainous, and where the population is semi-nomad, Kyrgyzstan has a lot to offer to explorers seeking an enriching cultural experience in th ...

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Skiing in Shaded mountains

Kyrgyzstan welcomes all guests to the magnificence of the powder snow in Tian Shan wilderness. Whether you are an experienced skier/rider or just starting in the ski world, Kyrgyzstan offers the most phenomenal skiing/riding in Teskey Ala Too range. The North-East of Kyrgyzstan presents a great vari ...

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HeliNomads is a new project operated by supplier SR1404 in Kyrgyz Tien Shan mountains. Sessions are set out of our winter backcountry yurts in Kyzyl Jar valley in Karakol neighborhood known for its epic snow conditions. Everyday we go to explore new lines, landing just anywhere that looks more or le ...

8 days
Physical demands
Explore Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan:
The Best Vacation Tours for You!
  • Welcome to Silk Road Explore! We are a company dedicated to providing the highest quality and best priced tours for travelers that want to tread the paths of the Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan, a Central Asian country located west of China and south of Kazakhstan, has some of the most surreal and stunning natural beauty in the world. The Tien Shan Mountains (rated one of the top ten most beautiful mountain ranges in the world) meander across the country in an unending serious of snow-capped mountain peaks underscored with vibrant green mountain pastures, hidden waterfalls, blooming meadows, winding rivers, and brilliant blue alpine lakes. Most of the country is remote, untamed wilderness traversed only by quiet nomadic families and their herds. Besides the occasional yurt and small village, most travelers in Kyrgyzstan will simply find themselves face to face with nature. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more peaceful, beautiful location for a vacation. While merchants and travelers on the Silk Road experienced this region mainly by caravan, travelers in Kyrgyzstan today can explore the Silk Road in a variety of different ways. Horseback, trekking, cycling, and 4x4 tours are all available in Kyrgyzstan. For an even more adventurous Silk Road experience, travelers can go paragliding, white water rafting, or diving to name a few. Probably the most unique aspect of traveling in Kyrgyzstan is the culture. Kyrgyzstan’s ancestry is largely nomadic. While many nomadic cultures have planted roots all over the world and settled down, Kyrgyzstan still contains a large number of traditionally nomadic families that continue to roam the mountains. Nomadic culture places a high value on hospitality, hard work, traditions, and an ability to live off the land. Travelers today can take tours that introduce them to Kyrgyz culture and even learn nomadic skills directly from nomadic families. What better way to experience the Silk Road than by learning about the cultures that still call it home? Kyrgyzstan is brimming with beauty, adventure, personality, and possibilities. Browse through our tours and find a trip that’s perfect for you!