Tour Program


A walking tour of Almaty is an incredible opportunity to understand the city from the inside. Walking along the streets and sidewalks, as well as through a large park, it will be an excellent pastime for connoisseurs of peaceful walks. Without spending a lot of time on it, about 4 hours, you can honor and visit the most famous places of the city with your attention and visit.


Walking with a guide, you will not notice the 7 km traveled, because it will be very exciting! All you need is to wear comfortable shoes and have the desire to get to know the city better. Starting on Arbat and ending on Mount Kok-Tobe, you will not only go along the route set by the tour, enjoying enchanting views, but also meet the history of Almaty face to face, because on the way you will have many historical buildings and interesting stories. In addition, you will have a unique opportunity to visit the places where Viktor Tsoi himself (a famous Russian musician, whose songs have been sung for more than 30 years), passed in his time!


Do not forget to stop and take a lot of memorable photos or just gather your thoughts and drink hot tea.


The tour starts from your hotel in Almaty. After the tour, the guide will accompany you to your hotel, or to any other point in the city.


IMPORTANT: all transfers during the tour are made by taxi (Yandex). The cost of taxi services is included in the price of the tour.


The main attractions on the route: Arbat, TsUM, House of Tissues (old building), Green Bazaar, Park named after 28 Panfilovites, Kolpakovsky School (old building), Museum of Folk Musical Instruments, Holy Ascension Cathedral, Old Square, a monument to Aliya Moldagulova and Manshuk Mametova , Panfilova street, Almaty metro, Apple Museum, Nedelka fountain, Opera and Ballet Theater, a monument to Viktor Tsoi, 12-month Alley, museums at the Academy of Sciences, Abay Square, Kazakhstan Hotel, Palace of the Republic, Mount Kok-Tobe.