Supplier: SR1446


SR1446 provides various tour programs in Turkmenistan, such as Eco tours (Different directions: Darwaza, Yakigala, Nohur village, Kow-Ata, Misrian valley, Koytendag), Combined tours, Cultural tours including Historic Monuments of Turkmenistan (Nissa, Abivert, Annau, Merv, Margiana, Konya-Urgench, Astana -Baba, Dehistan, Serahs), Tours of Silk trails, Relax Tours ( Awaza, Kow-Ata) and riding on Akhal-Teke horses tours. Duration of the tours depends on the tourist choice.

We would be glad to offer our customers various combined tours.
We have flexible prices and provide the following services: booking hotels, travel documentations, visa support, ticketing and transportation, business and corporate, excursions programs.