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Holiday Kyrgyz 2007 265SR1431 was founded by local professional guides in association of families of different villages. We provide service for the entirety of the trip: meeting at the airport, transportation and trekking, mountaineering and climbing excursions throughout the country.

SR1431 aims at providing a high quality service for various activiities and introduce kyrgyz culture and lifestyle, in a safe and confortable environment.

You will have the opportunity to stay in a traditional kyrgyz setting, in villages or in yurts, while contributing to local development of the community, with the money going directly to the host families. Our compagny is for explorers seeking an authentic and unique experience.



9 days

Skiing and Snowboarding Vacations in Suusamyr

Kyrgyzstan is one of the unique places where you can combine impressive ski adventures and culture exploring. As a country where 94% of the territory is mountainous, and where the population ...

Price from 675 USD to 1215 USD per person (the price depends on a group size). The price 675 USD per person is available for groups of 8 people.
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