Supplier: SR1403


SR1403 is a Kyrgyz – Swiss Joint Company operating in Central Asia. SR1403 img_4030_1_0organize all kinds of tourism in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. SR1403 offer many interesting individual and group programs along the Great Silk Road, trekkings, horse-back ridings, ski tours and other custom-designed trips and have more than 7 year experience in realization of tours in the whole Central Asia.

SR1403 work with tourists from different countries and provide high standard of service to our guests. Their partners are highly-qualified travel agencies in Central Asia.

Our professionally trained and experienced guides will help you to make the acquaintance 1175750_504820269606298_482786568_nwith the peculiarities of the country’s nature and historical and cultural heritage.

Our goals are:

  • To operate with the involvement and consent of local communities.
  • To give a fair share of profits back to the local community.
  • To involve communities rather than individuals.
  • To contribute to the conservation of biodiversity
  • To be environmentally sustainable and require the lowest possible consumption of non-renewable resources.
  • To respect traditional culture and social structures.
  • Not to make local people perform inappropriate ceremonies, etc.
  • To work with local ecotourism partner and infrastructure561224_438113942943598_105294962_n
  • To develop training for our local guide


Local initiatives:

SR1403 is involved in developing of tourism in Kyzyl-Suu village and Chon Kyzyl-Suu valley situated at southern shore of the Lake Issyk-Kul. This region has a very favorable position for starting long treks and horse-ridings tours. We encourage local people to provide homestays with appropriate conveniences, horses and meal for our tourists. Thereby we not only try to satisfy the needs of our tourists but also help local people to make their bread.

Kara Sai shepherd’s village is situated 150 km from the civilization on the extreme S-E of 1003645_464936966927962_1703241805_nKyrgyzia on the high plateau of the massif Ak-Shirak. Nomads live all year around at an altitude from 3500 meter to 4000 meter. They live in extreme conditions all the year. Organizing horse-back riding in this region gives the possibility to increase the difficult situation of the local people by renting their horses.

SR1403 tries to give a new start to the developing of tourism in Karakol, a town located between the Issyk-Kul Lake 1600m and the Tian Shan massif (7439m. at its highest point : peak Pobeda or Victory). It is the best starting point for climbers and mountaineers trying to conquer the highest peaks of Kyrgyzstan.

Trekking guide: Our expert-guides have founded the Kyrgyz Association of Tourist Guides1185085_504003029688022_452685812_n and Interpreter in 2007.  This association with the name EXCURSUS belongs to the World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations. Upon this association professional courses for tourist guides in Kyrgyzstan have been based.

SR1403 will help you to get unforgettable experience in this country of amazing nature, unique culture and rich history.

We wish you to have a good trip!