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October 23, 2014

The Best Place for Walking Vacations in Asia You Have to See

When it comes to outdoor-centered vacations, Kyrgyzstan is a fantastic destination for active travelers looking for mountain hiking holidays.  Don’t know much about Kyrgyzstan?  Kyrgyzstan is a small Central Asian country located west of China and south of Kazakhstan with a growi ...
September 14, 2014

The Change of the Seasons: Autumn in Kyrgyzstan

Autumn in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan is extraordinarily beautiful. The mountains are painted different shades of yellow and red and blue skies highlight the country’s natural beauty. Unlike autumn in Europe, which is often rainy and gloomy, autumn in Kyrgyzstan is usually sunny ...
July 20, 2014

Weather in Kyrgyzstan: What’s the Climate Like & How Do I Pack?

Kyrgyzstan is so packed with mountains that it seems the country can barely contain them.  The Tien Shan “Heavenly” Mountains cascade and crest over the majority of the landscape; ninety percent of Kyrgyzstan is mountainous, 85% sits at over 1,000 meters and 40% at over 3,000 met ...