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December 2, 2018

Tbilisi travel guide – Part 2

If you want to see real Tbilisi, then you should definitely go to the old part! Fascinating architecture, a huge number of cozy cafes and restaurants will not you leave indifferent. Old Tbilisi is a place where the spirit of the past hovers among the authentic buildings of stone ...
May 26, 2017

Why Georgia (the Country) Is the Secret Gem of Europe

The Calorie-Boasting Cuisine Beside stocky, meat-stuffed dumplings known as khinkali or badrijani nigvzit, walnut-and-garlic-filled rolls from eggplant, the ideal case of an extreme calorie-pressed national delicacy is khachapuri adjaruli. In this meal, the bread is in the shape ...
December 2, 2015

Why Winery Tours in Georgia Should Be on Your Bucket List

The country of Georgia has a lot to recommend itself to travelers, not the least of which is a gorgeous countryside and warm people, but one aspect of Georgia that makes it particularly stand out is its exquisite winemaking traditions.  Bordered by Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Az ...