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April 12, 2019

Where to go from Tbilisi?

Mtskheta city In ancient times, the capital center of Georgia was the settlement of Mtskheta. Currently, it is a holy place for local people, where numerous sacred places and cult buildings are concentrated. In all Georgia there is no such settlement where would be so many shrin ...
May 26, 2017

Why Georgia (the Country) Is the Secret Gem of Europe

The Calorie-Boasting Cuisine Beside stocky, meat-stuffed dumplings known as khinkali or badrijani nigvzit, walnut-and-garlic-filled rolls from eggplant, the ideal case of an extreme calorie-pressed national delicacy is khachapuri adjaruli. In this meal, the bread is in the shape ...
February 1, 2016

Visit Georgia famous resort Borjomi for unforgettable holidays!

Borjomi – a homeland of famous mineral water, a town located in the south-eastern part of Georgia, in the gorge of Kura river, 152 kilometers west of Tbilisi. For experienced eco-tourists it is not only a famous health resort, but also a place with unique natural conditions. This ...