Tour Program



The route is the best option for backcountry, ski touring and freeride programs. The great thing about this place is its location. Also, there is a moderate slope, without hidden obstacles under the snow, which makes the process of skiing absolutely safe. Experienced guides will show you the shortest way to the top!

Before the start of the program there will be a mandatory briefing causing the safety in the mountains.

Program start time: 8:00 am, the car will arrive at the hotel where all teams go to the Ski tour starting point. Hiking starts from a height of 2 280 meters.

Walking distance: be ready for a long walking, you have to overcome 6.15 kilometers.

The maximum slope is 35 degrees, an average is 18.5.

The maximum height: 3 370 m

Climbing up for 1118 m.

Descent: after a slight snack and a photo session, the long-awaited descent begins from the height of 3 370 meters to 2 170 meters. The distance of the descent will be 7 kilometers.
The maximum slope is 40 degrees; the average slope is 20 degrees.

Program end: After an active day and an exciting descent, there will be a car, that brings us back to Karakol.

Approximate time of arrival to the city: 16:00 -17: 00 pm.