Tour Program


The itinerary starts from coniferous forests located in the national reserve (2100 m).
The rise throughout the path is smooth with increasing height. Half of the route is a snowy valley, located at an altitude of 2500 m.

There is always a lot of snow, as the valley is surrounded by mountains and this area is protected from the strong winds.

The ascent to the mountain range lasts about two hours, and then climbing up to 2700 meters. From this point you can enjoy a beautiful view of the opposite mountains, Karakol gorge and ski base, a panorama of lake Issyk-Kul! The ascent continues up to the height of 3100 meters. Here, at the final point, you will have lunch, a small photo session for memory and then – the long-awaited descent down!

Ascend feature:
The beginning of the ascent from a height of 2100 m.
Maximum height: 3100 m.
Rise time: about 4-5 hours
Lifting distance: 9 kilometers.
Average mountain slope: 13%.
Maximum mountain slope: 38%.
Descent feature:
Start of descent from a height of 3200 m.
Descent distance: 6 kilometers.
Average mountain slope: 20%
Maximum mountain slope: 40%

If you do not have special equipment for the backcountry, it doesn’t matter! We have equipment for a rent. What you need to have with you: skis for deep snow (with a wide waist), special safety straps (with detachable heel), camus, ski boots, beeper (avalanche sensor), dipstick, shovel (special for the skiing).