Tour Program


A fairly quick sightseeing tour of Almaty is suitable if there are only a few hours to get to know the city. The tour plan is designed in such a way as to give you a chance to visit the main attractions of the city as soon as possible. By choosing this program, you will be told the history of the foundation and the main stages in the life of Almaty; You will be able to visit a real oriental bazaar and a beautiful park named after 28 Panfilovites, as well as see old buildings and look at different museums; in general, you will spend about three hours on all this.


The walking part of the route will be drawn through places that cannot be visited in any way and which should be given more time. You will pass by car, stopping at the Old Square, at the Museum of Almaty and the Opera and Ballet Theater. The tour ends on Mount Kok-Tobe, which offers an inspiring view of the whole city, as well as the Tien Shan Mountains in the south and the beginning of the Great Steppe in the north.


The tour starts from your hotel in Almaty. After the tour, the guide will accompany you to your hotel, or to any other point in the city.


IMPORTANT: all transfers during the tour are made by taxi (Yandex). The cost of taxi services is included in the price of the tour.


The main attractions on the route: Arbat, TsUM, House of Tissues (old building), Green Bazaar, Park named after 28 Panfilovites, Kolpakovsky School (old building), Museum of Folk Musical Instruments, Holy Ascension Cathedral, Old Square, a monument to Aliya Moldagulova and Manshuk Mametova , Almaty Museum (old building), Opera and Ballet Theater, museums at the Academy of Sciences, Abay Square, Kazakhstan Hotel, Palace of the Republic, Mount Kok-Tobe.