Zugdidi, Georgia

Zugdidi is a city an administrative center of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, located 318 km away from Tbilisi. The cityis relatively young, it was established in 1918; today the population is 76,000 people.  The main sightseeing place and significant historical heritage of the city is Dadiani palace – family estate of dynasty of Georgian princes Dadiani. The name of the palace translates as “big hill”.

This beautiful and magnificent palace was built in the middle of 19th century by Prince David Dadiani. Today Dadiani palace is a museum with more than 40,000 showpieces: pieces of Napoleon’s furniture, icon of famous Queen Tamar, weapons from Medieval Europe. The palace is surrounded by botanical garden of exceptional beauty. Princess Dadiani hired the best European professionals for creation of the garden.

Today age of rare plants in the garden is more than 200 years, more than eighty kinds of exotic plants are from India, Southeast Asia, and Mediterranean. Zugdidi Botanical Garden is a perfect place for studying subtropical flora. The garden occupies are of 26 hectares. 7 km away from Zugdidi Rukhi fortress is located. It’s known for events of 1780, when Dadiani’s army battled against the Abkhazians who wanted to take over western part of Georgia.

Today everything what’s left from the fortress are ruins. These stone walls surrounded by greenery remind of long gone battles. 20 km away from Zugdidi there’s gorgeous mountainous lake Tobavarchkhili or Silver Lake. Road to the lake is one of the most popular treks in Georgia. Trekking lovers say that this trek has everything: enchanting waterfalls, wonderful lakes, fascinating views, rocky gorges, green valleys, and shepherd’s huts. This charming city with enchanting Dadidani palace, places of ancient battles, and exceptionally gorgeous lake can’t be missed. 

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