Zaamin National Park

Zaamin National Park and Zaamin Reserve are closely intertwined - geographically, historically, by composition of flora and fauna. The history of the oldest in Uzbekistan Zaamin Reserve began in 1926 when Academic Centre for People's Commissariat of Uzbekistan considered the establishment of reserve on the basis of Zaamin forest garden  in located on its territory sparse spruce forests. Zaamin, Aman-Kutan and Aktash forest garden, along with 34 Forest villas on the territory of Turkestan, were identified in 1897.

In the forests of Zaamin garden, there are some species of juniper reaching 800 years of age - ones of the highest in Central Asia. Due to the remoteness of the territory from settlements, juniper forests here were little affected by logging.

The area of Zaamin forest garden was then more than 110 thousand hectares, of which more than 83 thousand hectares were covered with juniper. In 1926 a land of Guralashsaya was allocated for the reserve, and in 1928 by legislation was established Zaamin reserve area of about 4 thousand hectares.


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