Varakhsha Settlement

Varakhsha - the ancient capital of Bukhar-Hudats. The historian of the 10th century Narshakhi wrote: "Varakhsha - one of the villages, more ancient than the city of Bukhara. It has been home to kings and had a strong fortification. In Varakhsha there were 12 irrigation canals. In this village every 15 days takes place one day bazaar. Bazaar, which comes at the end of the year lasts for 20 days. It is called the New Year farmers’ bazaar. People of Bukhara start the count of the year from this day. "

The oldest buildings found on the site belong to the 1-3 centuries. However, these buildings were not primary. By the 3rd century the village grew bigger and was surrounded by strong walls. One of the towers and a small section of the wall were found under the many later layers, in the northwest corner of the fort.

The largest are the remains of buildings of 6-8 centuries of settlement life. These are grandiose remains of the citadel, palaces, buildings for religious services. The city center had a high citadel, and on the west side adjoined ceremonial rooms of the palace. The church buildings are located opposite the palace on the ruins of an older building.

In the 8th century the city was closely surrounded by desert sands. Local residents retreated from the destructive power of nature, and left their homes and the city.


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