Uzgen is a town in Kyrgyzstan with a fascinating historical background. Resting 56 kilometers outside of Osh to the northeast, Uzgen was originally established during the 7th – 9th centuries, was a stopping point along the Great Silk Road, and is one of Kyrgyzstan’s silk road oldest towns.


During the 12th century, Uzgen was officially declared the southern capital of the State of Karakhanids.  You can still see evidence of this time period in the town today in the form of unique architecture and monuments. 

Today Uzgen has a population of roughly 50,000. The town contains a 27 meter high minaret, an Islamic school, and several mausoleums in which Karakhanid Dynasty leaders were laid to rest. The buildings are made of brick and ceramic portions with various embellishments added to the exterior. Travelers can also visit a 19th century mosque in Uzgen that has recently been restored.

Tours, where you will visit Uzgen:
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