Ustyurt plateau

Uzbekistan is known for its fascinating buildings and finest examples of Central Asian architecture. It’s the country travelers go to get that feel of ancient atmosphere, to see cities that welcomed hundreds of camel caravans with jewelry, marble, silk, and spaces from all over the world. Although, there’re so many historical monuments in Uzbekistan, there’s one the most breathtaking place everyone must see.

The Ustyurt Plateau is the most mysterious landmark in Uzbekistan. Some sources call it an island. No wonder, Ustyurt Plateau is known for a bunch of chinks in the sands. These chinks or walls are extremely steep, what makes them look breathtaking. Colors of chinks vary from snowy white to blue and pink. The Ustyurt Plateau played a huge role in migrations many centuries ago.  Retained traces of the Mongols, Scythians, and ancient people were found in Ustyurt Plateau. 

Ustyurt Plateau is 200,000 km2 of sandy, clay, and clay-gravely desert. It acts as a natural border between Europe and Asia, since it occupies a large area between the Caspian and Aral Seas. The plateau located on the territory of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. There’s very little vegetation and water. Open reservoirs or rivers are missing completely. Ground water is undrinkable and salty. Wind is constantly blowing in every direction, winters are tough, and summer heat withers everything. Despite all these factors, the Ustyurt Plateau was an inhabited place.

Traces of more than 60 neolith settlements were found. Many ancient caravan trade roads laid through Ustyurt. The only remnants are a few architectural monuments: destroyed arch of Beliuli caravanserai, ruins of disappearing fortress Alan-Kala.

For a long time, the Ustyurt Plateau wasn’t explored because of its remoteness and climate condition. First archeological excavations were places in 1983 in Western Ustyurt, when sculptures of an unknown civilization were found. The Ustyurt Plateau is worth visiting because it combines historical monuments and breathtaking nature.

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