Urgench - a city in Uzbekistan, the administrative center of Khorezm region.

The population is 137.3 thousand residents. 90% of the population - Uzbeks, 5% - Russians, 3% - Kazakhs, Turkmens, Koreans, 2% - Germans and Jews.

Urgench was founded in XVII century, the residents of Kunya-Urgench have been forced to move from their hometown due to lack of water and change of Amudarya watercourse.

The city is located 1100 km west of Tashkent, 12 km west of Amudarya (wharf Chalysh), on Shavat canal.

Urgench industry is represented by forage machines, cotton ginning, oil-extraction, tire repair; Silk-spinning, sewing factories; production of construction materials.

Urgench Public transport consist of buses, trolley buses and taxis. There is a unique trolleybus line in Central Asia between the city of Urgench and Khiva. Airport of Urgench has an international status and is able to host all passenger aircraft. There is also a railway station on the line Turkmenabad-Beineu.


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