Urgench, Uzbekistan

Near the shores of Amu Darya river, there is a ghost city Urgench, one of the most mysterious cities in Uzbekistan. Why is it called a ghost city? It exists, but there aren’t any records that contain information about Urgench. In different historical chronicles Urgench has different names: Guranch, Gurgandzh, or even Dzhurdzhaniya.

Historians can’t identify the exact date of foundation of the city. Remains of an ancient vanished city are located near the village of Kunya-Urgench in Turkmenistan. The ruins treasure masterpieces of Islamic architecture, they also greatly influenced art of the Timurid’s. Former capital of Khorezm was an industrial, developed city with large trading. In the 13th century, Urgench suffered from Genghis-khan’s conquest. Amir Temur, in the 14th century, laid Urgench to waste completely.

The city had been struggling for existence until the 17th century, but people left Urgench with all its spectacular minarets, mosques and fortresses. Today, ruins of ancient Urgench attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. Nowadays, Urgench city is a cultural and industrial administrative center of Horezm oblast. Urgench is known for its advanced irrigation system. The city is situated in the middle of an oasis. Irrigated fields of cotton, Lucerne, and corn encircle Urgench.

The climate in Urgench is perfect for agriculture; it’s continental, with moderately cold winters and hot summers. The main natural landmark in Urgench is Amu Darya river. There is a beautiful legend behind the name of the river. Once upon a time, two sisters, named Amuda and Darya, fell in love with one man. Previously inseparable sisters began to compete. Unfortunately, the man cared for none of the sisters. He married a rich bride. In sorrow, two sisters turned into a large deep river. Since then, they’re inseparable. 

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