Tusheti, Georgia

Georgia is known for stunning nature and its diversity; climate zones range from subtropical to Mediterranean, there’re snow peaked mountains, the seaside, green forests, deserts, and vineyards. Anyone who wants to experience enchanting highlands, see breathtaking views, feel refreshing air, and soak up the sun should go to Tusheti. This wonderful highland region is located on the North of the Greater Caucasus Mountains with the capital Omalo.

The region is extremely hard to get to; the only road is opened from June to September, the rest of the year the Tushetians have no way out of the region. Until 1975, when the road was built, this region was completely closed from civilization. The only option to get there where mountain paths from Dagestan and Khevsureti. Getting to Tusheti isn’t just challenging, the road to Tusheti is known as one of the most dangerous roads in the world; it’s a 70 km serpentine with fords through rivers, waterfalls, and mudflows. Fog, mist, bad visibility, and the climate make it even dangerous. However, difficulties on the road will be justified by amazing landscapes, one-of-a-kind architecture, local traditions, and rituals.

The Tushetians have special technology for making their famous cheese – dambal khacho; it’s included in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. In order to immerse in local culture and lifestyle, one should visit major villages: Omalo, Dartlo, Shenako, and Diklo. The largest village and the center of the region is Omalo; its main monument are watch towers Keselo. 12 km away from Omalo, there’s Dartlo village that is inhabited only in the summer.

The only Orthodox church in the region is located in Shenako village. Diklo village is famous for its fortress. Every village offers spectacular views on green Caucasus valleys. Wonderful Tusheti is a perfect place to see how Christianity and paganism coexist in traditions and culture and enjoy breathtaking views while trekking from one village to another.

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