Turkmenabat, Turkmenistan

The Great Silk Road used to lie through Central Asia and connect it to the West. All cities that were major trade centers of the greatest trade web are one of the most interesting cities in Central Asia today. These cities were created under influence of different cultures that made each of them unique on its own way. Turkmenabat is one of these unique cities. 

The second largest city in Turkemnistan is located in northeastern part of the country, on the left shore of Amudarya, 470 km away from Ashgabat. It’s one of the most ancient Turkmenian cities; its story dates back 1st-4th centuries AD. Originally named Amul, the city appeared because of the Great Silk Road. It has a very favorable location for trade; it located on intersection of 3 roads of the web trade that led to otjer famous cities Bukhara, Merv, and Khiva. The river Amudarya was named after the city; the name translates as “river of Amul”. The latest given name was given in 1999 and translates as “made by Turkmen”. 

Modern Turkmenabat is large industrial and transport center of Turkmenistan. It’s a popular place for family vacations and eco-tourism. Repetek Biosphere State Reserve was established in 1927 and occupies area of 346 km2. Many species that inhabit this reserve are included in Red Data List. Another amazing place to visit if Dinosaur Plateau that preserved footprints of dinosaurs. There’s, of course, the largest caravanserai in Turkmenistan –Dayakhatyn that was built in 11th century.  10 km away from the city ancient settlement of Amul is located. There’re pilgrim places like Astana-baba Mausoleum and Allamberdar Mausoleum. Don’t worry if you’re not religious, you can enjoy architecture of these ancient buildings.  You can’t do without local cuisine! Famous Turkmenian pilaf and drinks made of camel milk are waiting for you! 

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