Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

Tsaghakdzor isn’t just the most popular Armenia ski resort, but, also, a piece of spectacularly beautiful land with rich history and healing climate. Tsaghkadzor is translated as “Gorge of flowers”; during your visit here, you’ll see why it’s called “Gorge of flowers”. Snow peaked mountains, wine dark rivers, picturesque valleys covered in flowers and herbs, and big cliffs brought this place fame a while back in 5th century BC.  

Tsaghkadzor is located at an elevation of 1800 meters, in the Kotyak Province. It’s been known for many centuries a place for hunting that belonged to several noble families and was called Kecharis. The name is translated as “birch fortress”. It was invaded by the Turks and the Kurds; in 1828, the area became a part of the Russian Empire. In 1947, Kecharis was renamed as Tsaghkadzor and turned into a widely popular Armenia ski resort. Modern Tsaghkadzor is a comfortable town and a modern ski resort surrounded by greenery of forests and meadows. It attracts thousands of people from all over; they come here for their health, to enjoy ski trails, and admire beauty of nature. Climate there is favorable, average temperature is +18 C in the summer and -6 C in the winter.  Armenia ski resort used to host Main Olympic Base of USSR; today Main Olympic Base of Armenia is located there

If you don’t feel like skiing, don’t worry, there’re so many things to do in the surroundings of the resort! There’s Kecharis Monastery – medieval complex that dates back 11th century. It consists of 4 churches, 2 chapels, and an ancient graveyard. 19th-century houses of the Russians molokans will catch your eye on the streets. Travelers can visit house-museum of famous Orbeli brothers who contributed to development of Russian culture greatly. For lovers of poetry there’s a house, where Osip Mandelstam stayed and wrote series of Armenian poetry. Tsaghkadzor is so much more than just a skiing resort! 

Tours, where you will visit Tsaghkadzor, Armenia: