The ancient fortress of Koshoy Korgon is a historic monument dating back to the 7th – 10th centuries once used by Turkic rulers. According to legend the fortress was built by Koshoy, a friend of the legendary Kyrgyz hero, Manas, and thus named after him.

The ancient fortress of Koshoy Korgon

The remains of the fortress display clay walls and nearby travelers will find a museum showcasing archeological findings from the area as well as from the surrounding region of Naryn such as military items, tools, household goods, etc.  There’s also a section devoted to traditional Kyrgyz culture and nomadic life.

Koshoy Korgon is located 12 km west of the village of At Bash and southwest of the village of Kara Suu.  The area is remote, peaceful, and idyllic. 

Tours, where you will visit The ancient fortress of Koshoy Korgon: