Termez, Uzbekistan

Termez, one of the most ancient cities in Uzbekistan and Central Asia, is located on Amu Darya river. According to a legend, Termez was founded by Zoroastr who was the first rule of Bakiria. The exact date is unknown, however, achaeminids, in 6th century BC, considered Termez an old city.  It was conquered by many rulers. Alexander the Great invaded Termez in 327 BC. He was followed by Demetrius, founder of Greco-Bactrian kingdom. Demetrius was later defeated by Kushan Empire.

Under the rule of Kushan Empire Termez was called Talimi and experienced rapid growth. Vast  majority of citizens were Buddhists, so Termez became one of Buddhist centers of Central Asia. Several Buddhist sites were found during archeological excavations. Development of the city lasted until 1220, when Genghis-Khan invaded Termez and laid it to waist. Under the rule of Tamerlan new Termez was built to the east of the old town. According to historical notes, the new town was crowded trade center, large and full of long crossing squares; many travelers found it too overwhelming. Endless bloody conflict between descendants of Tamerlan completely destroyed the city. It was abandoned and stopped its existence.

Today’s Termez was built on the foundation of Patagisar village. In 1893, Emirate of Bukhara gave lands of Patagisar to the Russian Empire. In 1980-s Termez was controlled by the Soviet Union. The Russians built in Termez Friendship Bridge to invade Afghanistan. Those invasions heavily impacted formation historical sites and culture of Termez. Today, Termez is a modern city with population of 135,000 people.

As strange as it may sound, period of Afghan war was prosperous for Termez. The city revived with incoming military servants. Everyone were involved in smuggling, central bazaars offered difficult-to-obtain goods. Prosperity vanished into thin air, when military services left Termez. The city with its rich history, where cultures create a vivid melting-pot, has promising future, as one of the most popular tourist places in Uzbekistan.

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