Telavi, Georgia

Georgia is known for its wine, but not every region can claim that it produced exemplary Georgian wine. Most world famous Georgian wineries are located in Telavi. Telavi is administrative center of Kakheti region; it’s located 100 km away from Tbilisi, on the foothill of the Tsiv-Gombori Range. One of the most ancient towns of Georgia was, presumably, named after thousand-year elms that grow in Telavi; “tel” translates as elm from Georgian.

The surroundings of Telavi are known for medieval churches, wineries with the best Georgian wine, and mesmerizing landscapes. Any travelling around Kakheti region should start from its capital. The Kakhetians and their lifestyle is something every traveler must experience. Just like the other Georgians, the Kakhetians believe that every guest is a gift of God and will welcome travelers with open arms. They can allow to take part in wane-making process or Supra, which is an integral part of Georgian social culture.

Travelers can take a stroll down one of the most beautiful streets of the town – Chokolashvili street, take a look one adorable houses with colorful gates and curved balconies.  There’s famous the Academy of Ikalto, that used to be cultural-scholastic center of medieval Georgia. There’s the tallest religious building of Georgia – Alaverdi Monastery and the finest example of Kakhetian architecture – New Shuamta Temple. Tourists can visit an extremely beautiful Kvetera church that is included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Famous Georgian poet and Prince Alexander Chavchavadze built his summer palace in Tsinandali village; today it’s a museum with a wonderful garden and wine cellars with unique collections of world-known Georgian wines. For tourists who want to experience Georgian wine at its best, there’re wine factories of the best companies: Shumi, Teliany Valley, and Marani. 

Tours, where you will visit Telavi, Georgia: