Tashkent Botanical Garden

Tashkent Botanical Garden was established in 1943, when World War II was in  full swing.  Scholar Fedor Rusanov initiated establishment of Botanical Garden and today it's named after him. Tashkent Botanical Garden is the largest in Central Asia. It has more than 4500 species of trees, bushes, lianas, flowers, and many other plants.

Since the beginning, a lot of work was put into growing plants from all other the world. Among rare representatives of flora and fauna in Tashkent Botanical Garden, visitors can find white oak, blue ash, black birch, evergreen magnolia, sugar maple, and tulip tree. 68 species of plants in this Botanical Garden are included in the Red Book.

The Garden is divided in 5 zones, each zone simulates natural complex of Central and Eastern Asia, North America, Europe, and Far East. Apart from plants under open skies, there're greenhouses with exotic plants and section of herbal plants. Tashkent Botanical Garden contributes to development of pharmacological industry of Uzbekistan by growing rare species of herbs. There're lakes with water-lilies and paths, each of them leads to the center of the garden. One path  with many steps leads to a tree of wishes. It's believed that a person shouldn't talk and should concentrate on own wish while walking to the tree. When a person reaches the tree, he or she should tie a ribbon around the branch; when the ribbon tears, the wish will come true.

Due to unique climate of Uzbekistan, the garden is open all year around. Botanical Garden is astonishing any time of the year. In the spring the garden is full of intoxicating aromas of flowers and herbs, visitors are blinded by greenery. In the summer the Garden is an escape from heat and dust. In the autumn it's a riot of yellow, burnt orange, and red colors. Even in the winter the garden has charming atmosphere of an enchanted forest. 

Tours, where you will visit Tashkent Botanical Garden:
5 days


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