Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan

Every city has its distinctive place of interest, its most famous symbol. Astana is known for Baiterek and the biggest marque in the world – Khan-Shatyr; Almaty has Medeo and Big Almaty Lake; the most famous sightseeing place in Turkestan is Mausoleum of Khawaja Ahmed Yasawi. What comes to your mind thinking about Taldykorgan? What’s that very special thing that would make you want to come here? Well, if you couldn’t come up with any association, we are here to help you!

Taldykorgan is the administrative center of Almaty Region located 271 km away from Almaty, on the shore of River Kartal. The name of the city is translated as “willow hill”. It’s hard to say how old Taldykorgan is, however, archaeological excavations in the surroundings of the city revealed more than a hundred of burials that date back to the Bronze Age. What is known for sure is that Taldykorgan was established in 19th century as a settlement for the Russians and the Ukranians, back then it was called Gavrilovka. The settlement started as one street near the river and grew into a town. Some people say that Gavrilovka was the last name of a civil servant who gave lands to inhabitants of the settlement; others say that Gavrilovka was named after the richest family of the settlement that sold vodka. 

Tourists can visit museums and look at original buildings built in the beginning of 20th century. These buildings allow to catch a glimpse of how first inhabitants of Taldykorgan lived. All ancient exhibits are laid out to be observed in museums. Another place of interest is Kanbabai Batyr Monument. He was a famous Kazakh hero that lived in 18th century. Kanbabai Batyr is known for battle against the Dzhungars in 1725. Kazakh government has ambitious plans for Talydkorgan; they aspire to turn the city into the industrial center of Almaty Region, it is full of industrial enterprises. 

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