Stepantsminda (Kazbegi), Georgia

Small mountainous town Stepantsminda or Kazbegi is located in north-eastern part of Georgia, 165 km away from Tbilisi. It’s an administrative center and the only town in the Kazbegi Municipality. Almost for 100 years, until 2007, the town was known as Kazbegi, but its historical name was given back and today it’s Stepantsminda. Interesting fact, the town was named after Alelxander Kazbegi – famous Georgian write who was born there, but not after Mount Kazbek – one of the major mountains of the Caucasus,  as it’s usually done.

This small town is widely known outside of Georgia for its healing mineral springs, favorable climate, and plenty of historical and natural monuments. Don’t worry about leisure in Kazbegi; it’s very hard for travelers to run out of things to do in Kazbegi.  The name of the town is translated as “Saint Stephan” and connected to the legend of how the town appeared. The legend says that settlement that formed Kazbegi had occupied different area. One night it was raining really hard; downpour could have killed all people, but monk Stephan Pitshelauri saved them by ringing the church bells. After disastrous downpour many buildings were destroyed, the settlement moved to a new place and created modern Stepantsminda.

The town is known for its enchanting location at the foot of majestic Mount Kazbek; it’s a popular place among mountain climbers and trekking-lovers. Among the most popular things to do in Kazbegi is, of course, explore the surroundings by climbing and trekking. Hundreds of various trails are at your disposal; some take few hours, other days. There’re beautiful, secluded Gveleti Waterfalls in the 7 km away from Stepantsminda.

Another one of the most popular things to do in Kazbegi is visiting The Holy Trinity Church in Gergeti. This highly popular tourist destination exposes traveler to exceptionally beautiful views on the Caucasus Mountains.

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