State Museum of History of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is known as a country with rich history. Many cities were major trading points of the Great Silk Road, Uzbekistan saw many khanates and dynasties flourish and disappear, it was conquered by some of the greatest conquerors in history. All the trails of history of Uzbekistan can be found in State Museum of History in Tashkent. This museum is one of the oldest in Central Asia. 

State Museum of History was opened in 1876 and called People’s Museum of Turkestan. Exhibits were provided by private personas and social organizations, there are more than 250,00 of them. Artifacts are archeological, ethnographical, or numismatic. There are also rare manuscripts, historical documents, and archive photos, which indicate the most important historical periods of Uzbek nation.

Different periods and development of religion and culture are also represented by paintings, sculptures, bronze casting, and glass items. There’re exhibits of Timurid period and Independence period. Both of great importance; Timurid period reveals development of medieval science, arts, poetry, and crafts; Independence period illustrates long struggle for gaining independence. 

The museum is a 4-flour building with entrance hall of 14 meters of height. Facade of the building is decorated with modest geometric pattern. The first floor shows modern changing exhibitions. History of Uzbekistan from neolith to Tamerlan’s rule era are shown on the second floor. There’re household items, jewelry, and tolls that date back 1,000 years.

Remnants if 3 biggest khanates in the history of Uzbekistan are on the third floor. On the same floor exhibits of Russian invasion on territory of Central Asia can be found. The fourth floor is for post-independence history period. State Museum of History is definitely worth-seeing for anyone who wants to get a full perspective on history if Uzbekistan. 

Tours, where you will visit State Museum of History of Uzbekistan: