Sisian, Armenia

Sisian is a little town located in southern part of the country, in Syunik Province. It’s widely popular because of the monuments that fill the surroundings and the town itself. Sisian stands on Vorotan River, surrounded by mountains with green forests. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? Imagine visiting the town of such beauty and being able to explore some of the most interesting sightseeing destinations of the country! 

One of the major attractions of Sisian is Shaki Waterfall. This 18-meters waterfall is a spectacular occurrence. It starts from Shaki River and is located in a gorge with black cliffs. Huge masses of water that fall against the background of black rock caves will leave anyone speechless. The legend says that there was a beautiful girl Shaki and a conqueror fell in love with her beauty. He ordered her to present herself in front of him, but Shaki decided that it’s better off dead than belong to a conqueror. She threw herself off a rock, but while falling her long dress turned into a beautiful Shaki waterfall. 

Another masterpiece of nature is located in the Canyon of Vorotan River and it’s called Devil’s Bridge or Satani Kamurj. Devil’s Bridge is a natural wonder that was formed by travertines. Mountainous springs that surround it colored it in pink, green, and yellow colors.  Stalactites that were formed by mineral springs hang at the edges of the bridge. Crossing the bridge is unforgettable experience; it’s terrifying and fascinating at the same time. 

There’re so many amazing destinations in Sisian; what’s wonderful about exploring these area is that you can plan and visit the majority during one trip! Apart from Shaki Waterfall and Devil’s Bridge there’s, also, Tatev Monastery, Vorotnavank, David Bek’s Castle, the Great Desert of Tatev, Aghitun, and Karahunj. All these amazing destinations are located in one region!

Tours, where you will visit Sisian, Armenia: