Sighnaghi, Georgia

If you ever start craving romance in your life just buy tickers to Sighnaghi – City of Love in Georgia. The most romantic city in Georgia is located in the Alazani Valley, in the heart of Kakheti region. It’s the only city in the country that preserved its castle walls in perfect condition. Many centuries back Sighnaghi was the flourishing center of trade and craft. Today it’s one and only City of Love in Georgia. Where its second name came from? There’re a few versions.

The first legend says that the city drowned in sins and people did no good to each other. The Lord decided to punish citizens and destroy the city. He sent one of his angels – Sighnaghi to carry out his order. However, Angel Sighnaghi didn’t obey the Lord’s order; instead, he left a piece of his heart in every house. Every was citizen filled with unearthly love, but Angel was emptied and disappeared.  The Lord saw that there’s no evil heart left in the city and forgave citizens. He brough Angel back to life and ordered him to always preserve love and kindness in the city. Since then, everyone who visits this City of Love in Georgia get a piece on Angel’s heart and spreads love and goodness in this world.

Another legend says the touching story of famous Georgian painter – Niko Pirosmani. He was born and raised in Sighnaghi. Famous artist started as a house painter to make ends meet, but, eventually, became a recognized artist. He fell in love with French actress Margarita de Sevres. The painter was so madly in love with the actress that sold his house and bought a million of her favorite flowers – scarlet roses. These scarlet roses formed the sea of roses under Margarita’s windows. Sadly, French actress didn’t share Pirsomani’s feelings; she ran away with a rich lover back to France, leaving Georgian painter heartbroken.

Just come to this immersed in love and romance city and take a walk around its cozy streets. There’s a beautiful palace of weddings that works 24/7!

Tours, where you will visit Sighnaghi, Georgia: