Shohruhiya Settlement

80 km south-west of Tashkent, on the right bank of the Syrdarya River there are ruins of one of the largest urban centers of Tashkent oasis that existed from I until XVIII century - Shohruhiya.

Settlement consists of traditional pieces - an Arch-citadel, Shakhristan and Rabad which territory is divided by the ancient canals, ditches and natural sayas, tributaries of Syrdarya in the north and southeast.

Built on a high hill at the bend of the river Shahristan was a square (600 x 600 m) and towered over the river for more than 25 meters. In its south-western part there was a citadel. In the northern corner of Shakhristan traces of the gates are visible.

Unfortunately, the settlement is rapidly tempted by Syrdarya: almost completely is washed away the citadel, and is diagonally cut half of Shakhristan, the ancient city core. From three sides the town was surrounded by Rabad with area of over 300 hectares. Its territory was crossed by a network of channels and street routes. The southern part of Rabad is enclosed by a line of fortifications with towers encircling the semicircular area of 65 hectares. Along the walls can be traced deep moats, and beyond them a large necropolis with fragments of marble tombstones Sagan.


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