Sheki, Azerbaijan

What do you think about while choosing next destination for travels? Some people want to breathe fresh air far away from hectic race of big cities. They want to hike mountains, admire picturesque landscapes with green valleys, alpine meadows, waterfalls, and rivers. Some might want to improve own health with mineral springs and favorable climate and take walks in forests. Other people love exploring rich culture through sightseeing. They want to visit ancient mausoleums and fortresses to immerse in atmosphere of antiquity. Imagine having it all in one city! Doesn’t it sound like a double win situation? Sheki city is just right for anyone who want to have it all. 

Sheki is among the most ancient Azerbaijani cities. It’s located 380 km away from Baku, in the northwestern part of the country. The name of the city derives from the ethnonym of the Sakas who inhabited these territories for several centuries. Unfortunately, history of the ancient city is undiscovered and the exact date of foundation is unknown. However, some information from historical notes and finds of archaeological excavations prove that the city is, approximately, 2500-2600 years old. 

Sheki preserved many historical an architectural monuments and traditions of ancient crafts. The city was known as developed center of crafts; pottery blacksmithing, jewel crafting, silk production, ceramics, or any other craft you can think of flourished in Sheki. The list of architectural monuments of the ancient city is quite long. One of the major sightseeing places is palace of Shekin khans. This architectural wonder was built in 18th century with no nails! The palace can boast astonishing wall paintings. There’re two preserved caravanserais that were built in 18th century; both are large, 200 rooms in each. You can stay in one of them, today it’s a hotel! Minarets, fortresses, and mausoleums of the ancient city make another huge list of destinations, so we aren’t going to dive into it. Just come here and see it in real life. You won’t be disappointed!

Tours, where you will visit Sheki, Azerbaijan: