Shamseddin Kulal Mausoleum

On the territory of the main city madrasah there are two mausoleums of Barlas clan representatives. The first one was built in 1373 by Temur for Sheikh Shamseddin Kulal, leader of Sufis Order and spiritual adviser of Taragay, Temur’s father. A tomb of Taragay is also located in this mausoleum. The memorial complex began to form soon after the death of Kulal Shamseddin, he was also a spiritual mentor of Temur and a teacher of Sheikh Bahauddin Nakshbendi. Shamseddin Kulal originated from a family of potters, and that was the reason for his nickname "Kulyal" ("Potter"). During his life he had gained a great respect, people came to him for advice in dealing with not only religious but also secular issues. According to historical records, he was also called Amiri Kalyan, which means - "the Great Emir." Temur once said that thanks to the prayers and wise counsels of Shamseddin, he was able to achieve such high results. In gratitude to Shamseddin Temur had set over his grave an elegant marble Sagan. The mausoleum of the Sufi has been a constant place of worship of his many admirers.


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