Shamakhi, Azerbaijan

Women from this Azerbaijani city were praised by Pushkin and other writers. The largest telescope in Islamic world is located in astrophysical observatory in this city. Shamakhi is the ancient capital of Azerbaijan located 122 km away from Baku, in southern part of Great Caucasus. The surroundings are full of forests, meadows, and healing spring waters. Modern Shamakhi is a popular touristic city.

Archaeological excavations revealed findings that date back 5th-4th centuries BC. For many centuries Shamakhi was the capital of Shirvan Empire and residence of Shirvan Dynasty. In 18th century, the city was the largest one on Shamakhi Khanate.  Located on crossroads of the Great Silk Road web, the city was one of the largest trade centers of the Near East. It was known for silk production, carpet weaving, and for having one of the best Azerbaijani architecture and decorative-applied schools. However, there’s always the flip side of the coin, right? Because of its location, the city was invaded and destroyed by many armies. In 1721, the city was invaded by Hadzhi Davud army, when many Russian traders were killed. This event served as a starting point for the Russia-Persian war. The ancient capital was caused harm by the Iranians and by an earthquake. Despite all the damage done to the ancient capital by invaders, Shamakhi is full of architectural and historical monuments till modern days. 

Gyulisan Forress is the most known monument of the city. The last refuge of ruling dynasty was built in 11th century and has secret passage that was dug out in a rock. Addy-Gumbez Mausoleum is a burial place of Shirvan Dynasty. The name is translated as “seven cupolas”; it’s very straightforward, becase there’re seven domes and seven burials. Other famous monuments are Juma Mosque, Diri Baba Mausoleum, and Lahij village. 

The weather in Shamakhi is mostly sunny. It’s the reason to astrophysical observatory and many vineyards in the region! Come here to soak up some sunlight and explore Azerbaijani culture! 

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