Shakhimardan, Uzbekistan

Shakhimardan is located 55 km to the south from Fergana city. This small, drowning in green town, is considered one of the most enchanting in Uzbekistan. This city is lost in Alay mountains.  Shakhimardan became a part of Uzbekistan in 20th century, when Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan exchanged territories. Today Shkhimadan is surrounded by Batken oblast of Kyrgzystan.

This small city has population of 5000 people and is surrounded by Ok-Su and Kok-Su rivers.  Local believe that appearance of this city if connected with Hazrat-Ali, the 4th caliph and Muhammed Prophet’s brother-in-law. The legend says that caliph visited Shakhimardan, while being in Central Asia. The name of the city translates from Persian as “ruler of people”. This city is considered holy among Muslims. Pilgrimages from all over Uzbekistan flock to Shakhimardan. There was mosque and mausoleum of Hazrat-Ali, but they were destroyed by Soviet government in 1920. When Uzbekistan gained independence, the mausoleum and the mosque were reconstructed. Shakhimardan used to be called Hamzaabad after a famous poet and founder of Uzbek dramaturgy Hamza Hakim-zade Niyazi. In March of 1929, famous dramaturg was killed by religious fanatics in the same city.

Today there is a museum and a mosque of Hamza. Another great thing about Shakhimardan is its mountainous climate; the air is exceptionally clean, rivers are full of crystal clear unleavened water, mountains create fabulous view. Many seriously ill people cure their diseases with climate of Shakhimardan. Fascination mountainous lake Kurban-Kul occurred in 1766, because of earthquakes.

The lake locates 1724 m above the sea; there’s cableway to get to Kurban-Kul. Nature in Shakhimardan is being preserved by local people who value every natural source and take care about the environment.

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