Shahimardan town

Shahimardan - a picturesque corner of Uzbekistan, located 55 kilometers from Fergana at 1,500 meters above sea level in Alai mountains. Two mountain rivers Ok-su and Kok-su merge to form the river Shakhimardansay.

Shahimardan became a part of Uzbekistan in 1930. Before that, it belonged to Kyrgyzstan.

In 1920, in the center of Shahimardan were a mosque and the mausoleum of Hazrat Ali. But in the Soviet period, these monuments were destroyed and only after Uzbekistan gained independence they were restored again.

For some time the town of Hamzaabad located in Shakhimardan and was named after Hamza Khakimzade Niyazi - the poet and founder of the Uzbek dramatic art. In 1960 in his honor in Hamzaabad was opened mausoleum and was formed a museum dedicated to his life and work.

7 kilometers southwest of Shahimardan a Blue Lake is located. It appeared after series of strong earthquakes in 1766. Blue Lake is situated at an altitude of 1724 meters above sea level. The length of the lake is 170 meters, a width is 60 m and a depth is 5-10 meters. The water temperature in summer reaches 5-10 C degrees. Blue Lake, as well as Shahimardan, are very beautiful and picturesque places.


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