Shah Fazil is a historic, architectural complex located 10 km outside the village of Kerben. This complex holds several fascinating sites including mausoleums from the 11th and 19th centuries (Shah Fazil, Alamberdar, and Safid Bulent), the sacred Mt. Archa Mazar, an 18th-19th century mosque, and the Holy Hermit Cave.

Shah Fazil

The mausoleum of Shah Fazil is often the one that draws in the most visitors.  This building is one of the few pieces of architecture that still exits from the era of the Karakhanids.

Historians have revealed that this mausoleum was the tomb of Mahmood ibn Nasir, a ruler during the era of the Karakhanids.  The building’s walls are identical in length, 15.5 meters tall, and covered with a large dome.  The inside is decorated with brightly colored, carved ornaments.  

Tours, where you will visit Shah Fazil: