Sevan, Armenia

Every country has its most significant sightseeing destinations, sort of local Meccas for travelers. Well, when it comes to Armenia, the first things that come to mind are Mount Ararat, Khor Virap Monastery, and Lake Sevan. Lake Sevan is the most popular lake in the country. The most highland lake in the country is known for picturesque views and turquoise surface. While the lake itself is a major sightseeing destination how much do you know about Sevan city? 

Sevan is located on the north-western shore of the lake. The city resort with population of 23,000 people is one of major resorts in the country. Sevan was founded in 1842 and names Yelenovka. The first inhabitants were a group of orthodox Russians or molokanes.  It was renamed as Sevan in 1935. The name is translated as “lake”. 

The main sightseeing place in Sevan is, of course, Lake Sevan. The largest lake in the Caucuses is surrounded by many others touristic places and legends. The legend says that only gods and stars could drink fresh water from the lake. Another monument is located on a peninsula of, 3 km away from city resort. Sevanavank Monastery was built in 9th century and witnessed famous battle between King Ashot I and the Arabs; the monks took part in the battle and fought shoulder to shoulder with the king. There’s a famous archaeological complex to the southwest from the resort city – Lchashen. Before 20th century, it was hidden under the water, but, when the excavation started the ruins of ancient city, a fortress, and a mound were revealed. Travelers can climb Adzhaak volcano; the top of the volcano exposes tourists to spectacular overview of Armenian Highlands. Taking a stroll down Sevan National Park, that occupies are of 1500 km, will be such a pleasure for the ones who are not keen on climbing. Sevan city is a perfect place who wants to get the most out of travelling to one destination. 

Tours, where you will visit Sevan, Armenia: