Serakhs, Turkmenistan

One of the most ancient oases in Central Asia is located in Ahal Province, in Turkmenistan. This is a historical city that used to be a large trade center of the Great Silk Road that caravans would pass by on their way from Merv to Mashhad. The history of Serakhs dates back 4th century BC, when it was inhabited by the first settlements. Considering how old the city is, you can imagine through how many ups and downs and important events Serakhs had gone through. During your visit to this historical city you’ll be able to immerse in history of Turkmenistan and admire unique architectural monuments.

In 1st century BC, the city was a part of Akhemenid Empire; it’s when Old Serakhs appeared. Everything what’s left from it today is a hill and a few kurgans. Serakhs flourished as a significant center of trade that was famous for talented architects until the Arabs came; they destroyed the city and it was uninhabited for hundreds of years. During the rule of the Takhirid dynasty, the first settlements started appearing and the city was reviving, slowly, but surely. Under the rule of the Seljuks Serakhs fully gained its fame and significance back. Favorable location on crossroads of caravan routes helped to regain status of one of the largest trade centers in Central Asia. However, nothing lasts forever, and the historical city was destroyed by the Mongols with many others. 

Today Serakhs is a historical-architectural complex in the middle of oasis. Hundreds of tourists come to see ruins of famous Yarty-Gumbez that was built in 11th century. Alongside with Abu-Fazl Mausoleum, it’s considered one of the finest examples of Turkmenian medieval architecture.  Fun fact, Iranian city Sarakh that’s located on the boarder of Turkmenistan is continuation of Turkmenian town Serakhs; some of the city site is located on Iran territories. 

Tours, where you will visit Serakhs, Turkmenistan: