Sarychat Ertash National Reserve was founded in 1995 to protect the snow leopards that reside within the Tien Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan silk road as well as the argali (wild sheep, natural prey of the snow leopard) and the Tien Shan’s alpine ecosystems. Sarychat Ertash is located between Lake Issyk Kul and the Chinese border.

Sarychat Ertash National Reserve

The Kyrgyz government recently expanded the borders of the reserve so that it now covers over 119,118 hectares of land.  This national park is also the natural habitat of the Siberian ibex, gray wolf, brown bear, red fox, lynx, wild boar, pallas cat, stone marten, and gray marmot. 

The diverse wildlife of the reserve coupled with its gorgeous scenery make Sarychat Ertash National Reserve a popular destination with outdoor enthusiasts.  Hunting anywhere within the reserve is strictly prohibited.

Tours, where you will visit Sarychat Ertash National Reserve: