The Sarala Saz Jailoo is a high mountain pasture (3,000+ m) whose name means The Yellow Swamp because of the grass’ color and the complete lack of trees or shrubbery in the pasture. It’s located 54 kilometers northwest of Kochkor and each August hosts The Festival of National Games.

Sarala Saz Jailoo

Several interesting sites can be found near the jailoo: Find Me Falls, a petroglyph site, and 4th century burial mounds.  These areas can easily be reached via horseback with a guide.  Hikers can wander the area and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere created by the pristine scenery and quiet nomads tending to their herds.

Legend has it that Sarala Saz Jailoo was once visited by Manas (a national hero).  While he was there, his horses tried to run off.  To thwart their escape, he threw boulders in front of them, exhibiting unnatural strength.  It’s said the boulders remain there to this day.


Tours, where you will visit Sarala Saz Jailoo: