Salkyn Tor National Park contains some gorgeous Kyrgyz mountain scenery and covers roughly 10,500 hectares. While this national park is home to many endangered species, the primary goal of this park is to help protect and conserve the Tien Shan Elk population.

Salkyn Tor National Park

The park contains some gorgeous canyons, several caves, and lots of natural springs.  Four mammals, 6 bird species, 10 kinds of insects, and 2 plant species that reside within the park can be found in the Red Book.

Salkyn Tor National Park is located just outside of the city of Naryn.  Near the entrance you might find people picnicking in the summer, but otherwise, the rest of the park doesn’t see many visitors.  It’s an excellent place to go hiking.

For those that want to explore the Naryn area and dive into more of Kyrgyzstan’s silk road beautiful landscapes, these nearby destinations are recommended: the Kurgak Hot Springs, the Kozho Unkur Cave, Debeli historical site, and the Kok Zhaiyk, Berkut Yn, and Kyzyl Zoo Gorges.

Tours, where you will visit Salkyn Tor National Park: