Saimaluu Tash holds one of the world’s largest displays of open air petroglyphs. This “garden of petroglyphs” is spread out over dozens to acres 200 kilometers outside of the city of Jalal-Abad at roughly 2800-3400 meters.

Saimaluu Tash

Petroglyphs from different eras fill Saimaluu Tash, each era done in a different style.  The petroglyphs vary in age from 4000 years ago to petroglyphs from the Middle Ages. Scattered across Saimaluu Tash are over 10000 stones that bear petroglyphs, revealing the cultures and perceptions of people from long ago.  You’ll find drawings of hunting scenes, farming, religious ceremonies, people, and wild animals.  Seeing the different time periods side by side, it’s also fascinating to trace the evolution of cultures over time.  For people interested in ancient history, belief systems, and the everyday life of people from centuries past it’s a great destination to visit.

Saimaluu Tash can only be reached in the summer as it’s covered with snow the rest of the year and the roads aren’t passable.

Tours, where you will visit Saimaluu Tash:
13 days

Asian Holidays in Kyrgyzstan silk road: 13 days

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