Rukhabad Mausoleum

Mausoleum Rukhabad is one of the most ancient, ascetic, and modest buildings of old Samarkand.  Unlike other buildings with distinguishing blue colored domes, glazing, and engravings, everything about Rukhabad is succinctly. This mausoleum is the last resting place for Sheikh Burhan al-Din Sagarji. He is one of the most honored Muslim prophets, famous Islamic theologian, and mystic.

The mausoleum was built in 1380 by the order of Amir Temir. The legend says that Sheikh Burhaneddin was so honored that Tamerlan himself would dismount every time near the mausoleum. Famous Islamic theologian was highly revered at that time. According to a legend, Burhan al-Din Sagarji was sent to Samarkand to propagate Islam, as a true Muslim who lived in Mecca. Burhan al-Din got ahead in his mission greatly. He went off to China to spread faith in Allah. He met Chinese emperor who wasn’t convinced at all. The emperor wanted the sheikh to perform something magical, so he could start believing in Allah. The mightiest emperor’s magician flied to the skies to prove his faith. Burhan al-Din asked Allah to help him, took off his shoe and threw it in Chinese magician. The magician was shot down by Burhan al-Din’s shoe. Islam mystic was proclaimed the winner. The emperor didn’t question Allah anymore.

The mausoleum is made of burnt bricks and shaped as a cube. The building can be entered from the north, the west, and the south. The interior of the mausoleum consists of white walls and glazed tiles, the exterior is just as low-key as interior. The architectural style of the mausoleum is very unusual for buildings of that era. There isn’t one portal that serves as the main entrance, the mausoleum can be entered from different parts of the world. Today the mausoleum is a Muslim pilgrimage place, because it’s believed that Burhan al-Din Sagarji was buried with Prophet Muhammed’s hairs. 

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