Quba, Azerbaijan

Quba city is one of the largest Azerbaijani cities located 165 km away from Baku. Historical evidence prove that surroundings of the city have been inhabited since ancient times. There’re two theories about etymology of the name; the Arabs claim that Quba is the name of the first mosque that was built by prophet Mohammed near Mecca. Other theory claims that it’s connected to the name of the Turkic settlement. However, inhabitants of the oldest and the most highland settlement s in Quba – the Khinalugs, have their own take on history of their origins. They believe to be descendants of Noah. The legend says that Noah saw high and even area near Khinalug village and dropped the anchor. Locals believe that Noah’s sons left this region, while Japhet with his sons settled there, and that’s how Caucasus nations appeared. 

One of the most beautiful Azerbaijani cities was founded in 15th century; in 18th century it was the capital of Quba Khanate. Qba city is especially beautiful in the spring, when parks and gardens bloom. In the city itself and its surroundings there’re a lot of historical monuments. There’s wuite a few beautiful mosques, mausoleums, and a fortress. Travelers can visit a bathhouse visited by famous French writer Alexandre Dumas. The world’s last surviving shtetl outside of Israel is called Re Town; it was, also, the largest Jewish settlement of Soviet Union. Being isolated from the rest of the world for many centuries, they preserved their unique version of Judaism and own language. 

Let’s not forget that Quba city is surrounded by picturesque mountainous area. In the winter, it’s a popular skiing resort. In the summer, it’s a popular place for picnic and outdoor activities. This regionis famous for carpet weaving. Just imagine that every village have distinct patterns! 

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