Poti, Georgia

Poti is a port-city that is considered to be a bridge between Europe and Asia with one of the biggest traffics in Georgia. It’s a port on the shore of the Black Sea with incredible beaches, an impressive lake, and a beautiful river, yet one of the least popular sightseeing destinations in Georgia. How come?

Although, Poti city is lucky with landscapes and geographical location, it isn’t as lucky with historical events. For the last 20 years 3 different armies took over the city-port. Obviously, wars and armies didn’t help infrastructure of the region much. Despite big potential, Poti city, also, has rich history behind. During era of Kingdom of Colchis there was an ancient town Fazis. In 19th century, the Turks built there a fortress and the city-port became the center of slave trade. Eventually, settlements appeared around the fortress and that’s how modern Poti city was born.

The list of sightseeing places in this port-city is quite long. There’s local history museum, Poti port museum, and drama theater. There’s lake Paliastomi with unique flora and fauna and tropical forests that were formed 65 million years ago. The road to the forests are just as interesting as forests themselves; the can only be reached on boats! Poti region is a perfect place for active toruism, trekking, and picnics. Magnetic sands are another pride of the port-city. These one-of-a-kind black magnetic sands have no analogues and are very beneficial for people’s health.

All these sightseeing places create big potential for future development of the port. Although, the region is quite underdeveloped, you might want to enjoy its beauty before crowds of tourists will start flocking to Poti.  

Tours, where you will visit Poti, Georgia: