The Padysh Ata Reserve, located in the western Tien Shan, was originally founded in 2003 to protect and conserve Kyrgyzstan’s juniper forests. It covers 30,560 hectares of land and not only houses junipers, but Semenov Silver Firs as well.

Padysh Ata Reserve

The reserve’s most popular resident is the endangered snow leopard which still roams this territory.  While exact numbers are unknown, there are only estimated to be between 4,500 – 7,500 snow leopards left in the wild spread out between 12 countries in Central Asia.

The Padysh Ata Reserve is popular for both esoteric Kyrgyzstan tourism packages.  Padysh Ata Reserve also holds the Padysh Ata Mazar, a sacred place among the Kyrgyz.

Tours, where you will visit Padysh Ata Reserve: