Ornok is an outdoor museum of petroglyphs from the Bronze, Iron, and Middle Ages contained on over 2,000 boulders. The drawings include likenesses of ancient peoples and various animals: the Siberian Ibex goat with long, curved horns, camels, horses, dogs, leopards, and deer to name a few.


The Ornok petroglyph site covers an area of rough 6x8 kilometers.  At this site, 463 rocks containing drawings have been recorded and indexed.  While there are several petroglyph sites that can be found around Kyrgyzstan silk road, Ornok is unique in that its petroglyphs depict a great deal of detail in regards to clothing and costumes as well as warriors engaged in battle.

As a bonus, you can see the remains of ancient structures and burial mounds at Ornok as well.  The Ornok archeological complex can be found off the shores of Lake Issyk Kul just north of the village of Ornok. 

Tours, where you will visit Ornok: