Nukus - a city in Uzbekistan, the capital of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Nukus is located in the central part of Karakalpakstan on the right bank of Amudarya river, 800 km north-west of Tashkent.

The southern and eastern part of the city surrounded by the Kyzylkum desert. The northern part of the city is bordered by Amudarya delta. The climate is continental, dry, with long hot summers.

Through the city passes trunk Kyzketken and Karakalpak highway, roads and railways. Nukus airport has national importance. Nukus area is more than 200 square kilometers and it is the largest city of Karakalpakstan. The population of the city is 295.2 thousand residents.

In Nukus operate Printing Plant, engine repair, car repair, brick factories, enterprises of light and food industries.

Tourists can visit the following sights: State Museum of Art with a rich collection of Russian avant-garde, regional museum, museum of Berdakh, monuments of Berdakh, Ulugbek, Ajiniyaz and others.

In the city area there are archaeological sites Shylpyk- Zoroastrian Dakhma and ancient necropolis Mizdahkan.


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