Nukus, Uzbekistan

Nukus is a capital and scientific, economic, and cultural center of the Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan. It is located in the northern part of Uzbekistan and called “Northern capital”. Nukus city is surrounded by 3 desserts: Karakum, Kyzykym, and Ustyurt plateu, in the southern part of Amudarya, not far from Aral Sea. Vanishing Aral Sea is formin the fourth desert Akkum.

Nukus city is 88 years old. In 1930, Uzbek government decided to move the capital of Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan from Turtkul to Nukus. The reason was that Turtkul suffered from frequent floods. In ancient times, city Shurch was located there and later village Nukus, which turned into the city it is today.

The name of the city is the name of ancient Karakalpak people. Presumably, it is translated from Persian as “nine people”. Of course there is a legend behind the name. Once upon a time, the ruler of Khwarzmian dynasty was enraged by nine women of his court. He prohibited them to either talk to or marry men. Nine women were sent to an uninhabited place and ended up in the area of Khojeily town. Nine women started living near the road, where caravans walked. Merchants that were passing down the road started secretly communicating with exiled women. Very soon nine women gave birth to nine sons who later became warriors. Those nine warriors started military campaigns and established Karakalpak genus called “Nokis”.

Today Nukus has a developed tourist infrastructure; it is a strating point for any traveker who wants to visit Aral Sea or Ustyurt plateau. Population concentrates on cotton-growing and rice-growing.

Nukus city has a variety of sightseeing places. There is Savitsky Gallery or the Museum of Forbidden Arts, it is considered one of the most interesting museums around the world. There are also historical monuments like fortresses, mausoleums, necropolises, and temples.

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